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Memorial Day was first established in 1868 by General John Logan, and was called Decoration Day,  a day established by General John Logan to encourage our ancestors to make visits to the cemeteries to pay honor and respect to our fallen  ancestors.

.In 1954, Congress changed the name to Memorial Day to pay honor and respect to all our men and women who died in combat defending our nation up to that time.

In 1971, Congress decided to change the day of observance to the last Monday of May, in order to give Federal employees a three day weekend.....

Since that time, our history has been fading, our younger generation has no idea what Memorial Day is or means, and most have no idea when Memorial Day is.

The Committee to Restore Memorial Day would like to make Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday of May)  into a three day weekend and put Memorial Day back to where it once was and belongs, May 30th

We all must remember that Memorial Day is NOT a day we celebrate, it is a day to pay honor and respect to all the men and women who gave their lives for us in combat, over 1 million, two hundred thousand men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Isn't it only right that we pay this honor and respect to them, some may be our relatives, others were friends and others our hero's.

We need your support, we are urging and encouraging all  to make contact with your congressional delegation in Washington, DC and urge them to support this measure and introduce a bill in Congress.

We also urge and encourage all of you to make contact with your local government officials in whatever state you may live in, asking them to support this matter.

Finally, we urge you all to sign the petition below, supporting this endeavor so we can take the petitions to our Congressional Delegation showing them that we DO have support.

                                          REMEMBER  FREEDOM   IS  NOT  FREE

                                      I support the efforts to make

                                      Armed Forces Day, into a three day

                                      weekend and restore Memorial Day

                                      back to its original day, May 30th

                                      in honor of those who lost their  lives

                                      for our country and our freedom....





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                                    Either mail this  back to the Committee to

                                    Restore Memorial Day,  at;

                                    2709 Sattley Circle     Las Vegas, Nevada   89117

                                    or   e-mail it to;  aepsuvcw@cox.net